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Ellie Tran. Dec 20. Washington. Senior. D44

kawaii, anime, koreans, food, dramas, kpop, manga

tbh i dont even know what to say someone write a bio for me

Attack on Titan cosplays at Kumoricon!

The Titan was so big omfg, it was amazing.

s/o to Christina, her sister Jessica, and her friend Kelly for working so hard to make that huge ass titan and for being such a pro at cosplaying LOL

Links to cosplayer’s tumblrs:

Armin (Christina)

Mikasa (Jessica)

Eren (Kelly)

Eren Titan 

and if you see yourself, please tell me!

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    Throwback! wow i miss kumoricon ;-;
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    ASGDLJKL OMG thank you so much for taking so many pictures of me Ellie!!! Eren is Bunneys and Mikasa is Redbeanroll
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    sjdfasdfjaeafhewof THATS US AND OUR TITAN (I’m the Eren in these photos)